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August Moon Organics
Justin Southworth and Alex Macha


Justin Southworth - Founder of August Moon Organics

August Moon Organics was started by Justin Southworth and Alex Macha. 
Justin has been working his entire adult life in the health food stores, where he would consult customers on their health issues and recommend nutritional supplements.   He quickly became known as an expert on nutritional supplements and how they can help peoples health issues.  He would have customers come in who only wanted to talk to him.  There would frequently be a line of customers just waiting to consult with him.   In 2010 Justin left the health food stores to begin his journey traveling the world.  In 2017 Justin Lived in Mexico for several years. During this time he started August Moon Organics with his business partner Alex Macha.   They both wanted to help people improve their health naturally.   To do this they wanted to create the best products you can find today.  All their products are organic and vegan.  They contain no fillers, binders or additives of any type - so you only get what you need and can avoid any unnecessary ingredients your body does not need.   They also made sure to package all their products in glass bottles.   Plastic over time can emit chemical estrogens that disrupt your hormones and lead to things like cancer.  The glass bottles, label, premium ingredients that are organic and vegan will leave you feeling like you got the best product money can buy.


Alex Macha - Founder of August Moon Organics


Alex Macha has owned several successful companies during his career.  This has lead to his success with  August Moon Organics.   He went to school and got an electrical engineering degree.  He is extremely talented when it comes to business and finances.    
Alex travels a lot for work. This is very demanding on his body.  He is always looking for ways to stay healthy.  He went  out to buy various nutritional supplements but he always felt they lacked something his body needed.   After getting together to start August Moon Organics with Justin, he felt he could create a line of superior nutritional supplements that give you only the ingredients your body needs and eliminates the ingredients your body does not need.   He wanted to give people the same products he would use to improve his health.  Alex and Justin decided to take what they saw was missing in other nutritional supplements to create a product that they are proud to put their name behind.   
Together Justin Southworth and Alex Macha hope to help people live their best, most healthy lives.  They also strive to show people they can become successful by following their dreams, just as they have.

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