Trees For The Planet

Here at August Moon Organics we believe that the Earth is experiencing some increasingly difficult times, from deforestation, overpopulation, laws that don't support the Earth's environment, mass extinction of plants and animals. etc.  We have decided to take action and in our quest to do so we have tree planted for every bottle of our product sold. 


Trees are our hope for the future at combating human caused global temperatures to rise.  One tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.  World's scientists say if we plant a trillion trees we can combat the rise in global temperatures and keep the Earth from exceeding the 2 degree rise in global temperature which they say will cause irreversible and catastrophic sea rise and extreme weather.   We also know trees alone are not the solution to this problem and that getting rid of the use of fossil fuels and not relying on things like oil, coal,gas, etc is needed to truly combat this issue.  We also believe that planting trees and taking any positive step in the direction of carbon dioxide reduction is a positive action to take.



We have partnered with to have trees planted all over the world.