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We have created a product that makes it easy to get amazing sleep. Take our sleep challenge, and try August Moon Sleep Support risk free. We are so confident that we offer a 100% Moneyback Guarantee.

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GABA - Helps the mind shut off at night - Boosts mood - Reduces Anxiety

MAGNESIUM CITRATE - Relaxes the body, joints, back, muscles. Builds serotonin, your feel good nuerochemical - Reduces anxiety

MELATONIN - Needed to feel sleepy at night

ORGANIC PASSION FLOWER - Relaxes the body - Helps calm the nerves

ORGANIC MAGNOLIA BARK - Calms the nervous system and relax the body so you can fall asleep and stay asleep

ORGANIC SKULLCAP - Relaxes the body - stress relieving and mood elevating

L-TAURINE - Relaxes the body - Helps improve mood - Helps the body absorb melatonin

L-GLYCINE - Relaxes the body - Improves mood and helps the body absorb melatonin

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August Moon Stress Support has been formulated to help reduce your daily stress and anxiety so you can get back to enjoying life.   Life can be stressful.  Now there is an easy way to gently and effectively create a sense of peaceful calm throughout your day.