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Peace & Relaxation

Life is stressful but it doesn't have to be! Now there is a way to help your days be more relaxing and peaceful.

Our Newest Product

August Moon Stress Support

Formulated with herbs that have been shown to lower your daily stress levels.

Ingredients Include

Organic Lavender & Organic Rose Petal for gentle daily stress relief that last all day long,

What Makes Us Different

We have worked hard to source ingredients that are 100% organic. This means you can trust that no chemicals, like pesiticides or herbicides are in any of our products. We also have made sure our products are 100% vegan. We want to ensure that no animal products are in any of our products.

Our products are made in an FDA Certified Organic Manufacturing Facility. We also have all our products third party tested to ensure they contain the ingredients that are listed on our bottles and that they are free of pesticides, toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

When you buy any August Moon Organic Product you can have peace of mind knowing it is the cleanest most natural product out there.

We also are so confident that our products are amazing, that if for any reason you don't love them, feel free to reach out to get our 100% money back gaurantee.

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