The healing benefits of passion flower

Passion Flower


Passion Flower is a beautiful flowering vine that produces passion fruit, a very sweet, nutritious fruit.  The flowers petals are creamy yellow in color with purple in the center shooting out like a star.  Just looking at passion flower is peaceful.  

Better Sleep With Passion Flower

You find yourself heading to bed.  You lay down but find yourself flooded with thought after thought.  No matter what you do you just can't seem to turn your mind off.  This seems to be a common occurrence, night after night.  When you finally do fall asleep it feels as though it not as deep and refreshing as you'd like.   This is where passion flower comes in to play.  Passion Flower has the ability to help increase GABA leves.  An Amino Acid complex that slows brainwave activity and overactive nervous system energy so you can turn your thoughts off and easily drift to sleep.  

Studies have show that people who take passion flower fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer throughout the the night without interruption.  

The nutrient content in passion flower is many and has been found to help not only nourish the mind but to help calm the nerves.   We don't always eat as healthy as we know we should and with our busy, stressful lives we are using the nutrients we do get at an even faster rate than ever before.  Passion flower can be a great way to ensure your nervous system and brain are getting the proper nutrients for relaxation and amazing sleep.

Lower Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure is becoming so common that it is most likely you or someone you know well has high blood pressure.  Outside of prescription medications, which have extremely negative side effects, there is not much research on natural treatments for high blood pressure.    A study was conducted by Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry using 50 mg/Kilogram of weight  of passion flower skin extract.  The study showed promising results on lowering the blood pressure to more safe levels.  Researchers think this may be due to the GABA enhancing effects of passion flower.  

Reduced Anxiety

By boosting GABA levels and providing nourishing nutrients to the nerves and brain passion flower is a good choice when looking for things to help reduce stress and anxiety.  Our lives are increasingly more stressful and hectic.  It is nice to know something so gentle and easy to use can help us in our quest to lower our stress levels and anxiety.  

We at August Moon Organics have found passion flower to be extremely gentle and effective at reducing stress, anxiety and improving sleep we have added it to our August Moon Sleep Support.  You can always get a bottle and begin reaping passion flowers benefits.  


Justin Southworth
Creator of August Moon Organics