Mysterious Illness

Mysterious Illness
Many of us have been frequently feeling like crap.  We wake up and for some reason we don't feel well.  It may be constant or come in waves.   We may take supplements, prescription medications or eat foods that seem to make the problem worse.  When you go to your doctor they cannot seem to find anything wrong.   It feels as though there is no hope to feel good again.  I am here to tell you that you are not alone in feeling this way.  There is quite a large group of people who are increasingly becoming sensitive to things they never were sensitive to in the past.  You may have been able to use nutritional supplements or take prescription drugs without any issues but now even the most benign supplement or medication makes you sick.  

What can you do about this?
The planet has been abused by humans for way to long.  We have polluted the waters, the air and soil.  Virtually every human has major toxins floating in there body at this point.  The planet is beginning to say no more.  The islands of the world are going to be gone in less than 100 years. 
The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way and the Earth will eventually heal.  It will do it it with us or without.   With us we avoid the worst of the destruction done by humans and without us we will have major destruction but a percentage of humanity will survive.  

Why am I telling you this and how does it apply to your mysterious illness?
Well the Earth is going through an energetic shift.  It is necessary to heal the planet.  This shift is effecting our own energy as it shifts us to higher, more positive vibration.   This new vibrational shift is what is making us intolerant to things we once had no issue with.   Nutritional supplements, prescription medications and foods we once ate without issue have to now be avoided.   

To get back to homeostasis or a sense of normalcy, where you don't feel sick  and strange in your body it is necessary that you begin to eat simple foods.  Avoid consuming anything majorly strange.  Avoid anything that makes you feel funny.  Find ways to take less supplements and get your nutrients from food.  You are going to need to find natural ways to heal your physical issues outside of modern medicine.  It may be time to find a trained professional in alternative medicine to do this.  I would never recommend discontinuing any medication or course of treatment until you find a trained person in alternative medicine, who is qualified to handle your specific issues. 

Will you ever be able to go back to the old way of eating and living?
This shift is causing you to have to make a permanent shift in how you eat, the way you behave and what goes into your body.    If you begin to eliminate any unnecessary supplements and prescription drugs, avoid negativity and work to be at peace you will begin to find you feel better. 

I recommend you look for a trained professional in alternative medicine and healing to help you on your healing journey.  The longer you wait to find one, the longer you will suffer with unnecessary and undesirable symptoms. 

I wish you the best.
Justin Southworth
Founder of August Moon Organics