How to turn your mind off at night so you can finally get some sleep

Once again you find yourself laying bed trying to go to sleep yet you find your mind will not turn off.  It as though thoughts just keep flooding into your mind, one after another in an endless cycle.  This seems to be a regular occurrence each night.  You either jump in bed ready to sleep but  your mind won't cooperate.  You find yourself with thought after thought.  If you do manage to get to sleep, hours later you wake up to your mind racing with thoughts.  This seems to last for hours and when you finally do fall asleep you wake up feeling as though you barely got any sleep.  

Stop!  What if I told you there is a way you can easily and with little effort on your part put an end to these scenarios?  Well there is.  Many of us are not eating as healthy as we should.   We lead high stress lives and re unaccustomed to relaxing easily.    All this is leading us to be deficient in nutrients that hep us in getting amazing sleep.  The nutrients we do get are also being used up by our bodies at ever faster rates because of all this stress and poor diet.   

What is the solution to this?  How do you stop this and get the proper nutrients for continuos amazing sleep night after night?  

Magnesium is a mineral responsible for over 400 different chemical processes in the body.  One chemical that requires magnesium is serotonin.  Serotonin is responsable for us feeling good. Way to many of us run to the doctor to get anxiety and depression medication, when it may be that they are so deficient in magnesium we physically cannot produce the serotonin we need to feel anxiety and depression free.  It is chemically not possible to produce serotonin without magnesium so, if you are not getting adequate supplies this may explain why things just are not as happy and peaceful as they could be if you were getting adequate amounts.

How to turn the mind off & stop overactive thinking at night.

I described above how you find yourself laying in bed with your mind flooded with thought after thought in a seemingly never ending cycle.  What is the solution to put an end to this?  There are two very good supplements you can take that will allow the the mind to easily turn off so you can drift into sleep and ;et you wake up feeling refreshed.   The first is an amino acid complex called GABA or Gamma- Aminobutyrtic Acid.  Amino acids are what maker up protein and the body loves the amino acids that make up protein so it easily absorbs them.   GABA can be taken as a lozenge you suck on or in pill form.  It slows down the nervous system and brain wave activity, which allows the mind to turn off so you can fall asleep.  During the day GABA is great for stopping anxiety and boosting the mood as it slows down panicked thoughts.  At night it let's the mind turn off for amazing sleep.  

The next supplement is a homeopathic remedy called, Coffea Cruda.  It allows the mind to turn off with no effort on your part.  This is a very popular supplement as an overactive mind at night is the number one reason most people cannot fall asleep.  If you find yourself waking up in the night and your mind won't shut off you can take another dose of coffea cruda or GABA.  They will not leave you groggy or tired the next morning.  You can find both GABA and Coffea Cruda at most health food stores in the U.S or purchase it online.   GABA is also included as one of the ingredients in August Moon Sleep Support.   

I wish you great sleep without the need to suffer, laying in bed with an overactive mind.

Justin Southworth
Creator of August Moon Organics