How to get the best sleep of your life with August Moon Sleep Support and what to do if you're not

Sleep is the most important activity we do each night.  I have said this many times before, but it could use some repeating.   Many of us or our friends, family and acquaintances struggle with sleep issues of some sort.   The cause of your sleep issue maybe be a multitude of things from too much caffeine intake to being stressed or even not getting the proper nutrients in your diet for good sleep or it could be something entirely different.   

 Over the last 2 decades I have been consulting people on health and nutritional supplements.  Whenever someone would consult with me I would ask them what their health issue or concern was.   the most frequent issue they were dealing with was sleep issues.  When I would press them with probing questions as to why they were not sleeping they would tell me they just could not ge their mind to turn off.  They would lie awake at night with thoughts flooding into their mind.   


During my years working with nutritional supplements, I have tried almost all sleep products sold in U.S health food stores.  I have also watched the people I consulted use many of them.  I have seen what works and what doesn't.   This lead to me having the idea to create a superior sleep product to anything on the market.  I also wanted to make sure it was the most natural, without any additional ingredients the body does not need, i.e, binders and fillers, etc.  This is where August Moon Sleep Support came to be.

How to use August Moon Sleep Support to get the best results

August Moon Sleep Support is designed to take 1 to 2 pills at night.  

Many people report they get better results taking just 1 pill.  

It can take a few nights of using August Moon Sleep Support to begin using as your body adjust to the ingredients.   Give yourself a few nights using August Moon Sleep Support if you find yourself not getting the sleep you desire.  

Try taking less.  Less is more.  One ingredient in August Moon Sleep Support that helps you sleep when taken at lower doses is melatonin.  Many people take to much melatonin and find they either get little to no results and if they do they have crazy dreams and wake up groggy.   

Only take more than 1 pill if you have first tried taking 1 and know how your body reacts to 1 pill.  This may help you get your best sleep results.  

Take August Moon within 20 minutes of laying down to go to sleep.  Melatonin and the herbs in August Moon have a window of when they are most effective.  If you take August Moon Sleep Support and then go about doing your normal activities you may miss the time it is most effective for sleep.  Yes, it may help you relax and reduce stress but you will not fall asleep if you use it and are not ready to lie down within 20 minutes of taking it.

Try doing relaxing activities and avoid any activities within 1 hour of taking August Moon Sleep Support.  

Avoid Caffeine except for in the morning and avoid caffeine entirely if you have sensitivity to caffeine.  The effects of caffeine can linger for hours after you consume foods or beverages containing it.  This can definitely contribute to August Moon Sleep Support being less effective.

Work to never go to bed with negative emotions inside you.  Never argue or go to bed angry.  Work to be calm and peaceful before bed. Doing this will ensure you are not having negative emotions and thoughts contributing to your lack of sleep.  Try laughing before bed.  If you need help laughing before bed look up, laughter yoga, on YouTube or just search for laughing and see if you can find something that helps you laugh.

Be gentle with yourself and realize that your sleep issues have probably been going on for some time.  It may take a  little time to retrain yourself to have amazing sleep.  

August Moon Sleep Support is meant to help assist you in sleeping by making it easier to relax your body and turn of your mind.  If you are expecting results you'd get from a prescription sleep medication this will not be the case with August Moon.  August Moon is meant to be gentle, yet effective at getting you to sleep if you also do the necessary things in your life to help you.  You cannot expect a pill such as August Moon Sleep Support to help you sleep if you don't do activities and behaviors that contribute to getting amazing sleep.  For instance if your going to bed upset or drinking caffeine late in the day or not eating healthy, don't expect August Moon to solve your problem.  Yes it may help you but their is a higher chance it will not be as effective for you. 

Try these recommendations and see if this does not help you get amazing sleep and waking up refreshed, ready to conquer the day ahead.


Best of luck,

   Justin Southworth

Creator of August Moon Sleep Support